Reflections of edc3100

I have, to a point, thoroughly enjoyed this subject! I have learnt so much useful information that is both applicable to me in my degree, my future as a teacher, and also my role now as a teacher aide. Being a self confessed ‘organised freak’ I have also loved the layout of the study desk. It’s very user friendly.

I have found the teaching staff to be great from the perspective of an online student. He has time for us, listens, makes suggestions and scaffolds our learning very well. I also found Assignments 1 and 2 to be well scaffolded for us. I am not however finding Assignment 3 to be quite as clear. I feel I am more confused by the examples (especially Part D) than helped by them. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s the fact that it’s the end of semester and I’m exhausted.

Despite enjoying this subject I have found it to be an extremely heavy workload, with 3 assessments and a minimum of 30 blog posts (that’s a minimum of 3000 words in total just for the blogs!). I found it to be a lot of work especially if you take into account the 75 hours a fortnight I work, the 2 year old daughter and a husband (who also require my time. I’m ready for the break!

Overall I feel EDC3100 is a great, useful subject that I will take a lot away from. Thanks for a great semester everyone!


Cyber smart

I enjoyed the process of completing the cyber smart program. Most of the thing in the modules I already knew about and enjoyed viewing from a students perspective. I made me reflect deeply on the things I saw and do with and about internet engagement. After finishing this program I realised cyber safety has become a very important and pro-active issue for teachers in the past 6 months; on my facebook I have seen many different posts from teachers holding up a sign that reads ‘please re-post this, I want to show my class how far and fast a photo can travel around the internet’. I think this is a great way to engage students and show them a real life situation they have a vested interest in to see that what we say and put on the internet can spread far and wide and for this its important to filter what we expose to the world to see.

Lesson planning template is there really a need for so much detail ?

What can I say?  I understand that we need to know all the things outlined on this template as we are learning to be teachers; however, in the real world I am not going to:

  • Type out my strategies to facilitate, guide and enable students to achieve the learning.
  • Type out how I need to synthesise learnings.
  • Type out which authoritative pedagogies I’ve supported, etc, etc.

This lesson template is over complicated, expects too much and is incredibly time consuming.  Whenever I have used this template the only part I ever use is the Resources, Introduction, Lesson Body and Conclusion sections.  All other parts are pretty much ignored and have no impact on my lesson.

Even my mentor looked at the format and said you won’t need all of that. so when it came to plan my lessons for her i just used the basic template that she uses to write down the main points of what i was covering.

is 3 weeks really long enough ?

Whilst I was on prac there were 6 other prac students at the school, all from different usq. All doing 3100 with 3 weeks and the same teaching requirements. I know other girls from another university doing the same degree as us and their Education degree requires them to do prac for A WHOLE TERM!!! At that university the first term is spent excelling the students through a whole semester of lectures and tutes in a term and the second term is spent at a school. I think this is an amazing idea, it would give a pre-service teacher a great insight into reports, the admin side of a teachers role and get to really see planning from start to finish. But I also see the down side, for many people studying at USQ flexibility with work and family commitments is a key factor. For most people including me having to do a term long prac would be impossible for many reasons but I can see how it can defiantly have many benefits to our future careers. After thinking about all these different options I think doing a few weeks of prac each semester is a great way to maintain balance of family, finances, study and classroom experience.

Nearly at the end..

Much like a lot of the students in this course, I am feeling mixed emotions going into my final week of prac for EDC3100. I have had a up and down experience with my mentor who has given me opportunities to put into practice the things I have learnt and getting me to teach for than 1 full day and as much as they may of thought it was helping me get more practice I look back on it and wonder “ did that really help me or would I have benefited from more observation time?”.

My usual job is as a kindy teacher in a day care centre. It was a big change for me to go in to a school as my degree doesn’t result in teacher registration and I don’t have plans on teaching in a school. So I really found the difference between my play based learning at my usual job to the strict routine of a classroom hard to adjust to. All things asdie I am looking forward to finishing this off and becoming one step closer to completing my degree.

I hope everyone has a great final week!

Will this work load ever be finished?

I was checking through my emails just now and I came across a blog about time management.  In this blog they talk about feeling overwhelmed with going on prac and all the assignments that they have piled up back to back that need to be completed.

I feel the same way, completely overwhelmed, concerned I’m not keeping up with everything, but I’m giving it a red hot go.  I have lesson planning to do for next week, assignments for edx1280, blogging to do and an upcoming exam that I really have not prepared for at all.  And let’s not forget this 3100 assignment due 10 days after prac that I’ve barely started.

But, I’ve been at this whole uni thing for a few years now and due to graduate this and I always seem to get through it all – don’t know how I do, but I do, and I’m determined to do it again this semester but just when your right in the middle of it all its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Assignment 2 about to be gone!

At the end of my post i will go and submit my  assignment 2. The lesson plan  and essay have taken up many hours of my weekend and nights to the point where my 20 month old daughter will get a iPad wifi keyboard and sit next to me and type. Sometimes i wonder to myself why am i spending so much time on my computer and away from my child is that really the things i want her to remember and mimic from her childhood?

hopefully i have done enough to pass and keep going on my journey to graduation at the end of 2015. Good luck to everyone who has put in the time and effort in to their assignments.